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Bronson-kissan kuvat menevät jatkuvasti viraaliksi - katso niin ymmärrät (kuva)

Oddity Central kertoo [lähde] karvaisesta nettijulkkiksesta.

Kyseessä ei ole ihminen, vaan kissa nimeltään Bronson. Bronsonin erikoisominaisuutena on paitsi sen komeus niin myös valtava koko! Kissimirrin kuvat ovatkin suosittuja nettikansan keskuudessa.

Asiantuntijoiden mukaan kissasta on tullut niin valtava hiilihydraattipitoisen ruokavalion vuoksi.

Kissan nykyiset omistajat yrittävät onneksi laihduttaa Bronsonia. Alla kuvia ja video.

Bronson wanted to take a second to thank all of his new fans and also everybody that’s been cheering him on since the begining❤️ He’s also asked us to let everybody know about his blog we’re in the process of putting together. We’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about his current diet, exercise routine and advice for feline weight loss. We want his blog to be a place where we explain all of that information. It’s been hard to answer so many questions, so the point would be to have a centralized place with all that info. . We also just started a Facebook page for him. It's mostly for people that have requested it who don't have IG, but we're also going to be posting a little different content on there, in case people are following both accounts. There's a link to his new FB page in his bio. Thanks! 🙏❤️ . . . #weightloss #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #gobronsongo #getbronsonskinny #gato_cats #cats_ofinstagram #cat_features #catstagramcat #excellent_cats #bestmeow #bestcats_oftheworld #sweetcatclub #thedodo #catsofworld

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