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Toivoton näky - roska-aallot ruoskivat rantaa myrskyn jälkeen

Jätteitä vastaan taistelevan ryhmän lausunnon mukaan jokainen heitetty roska palaa jossain vaiheessa luoksesi.

Nyt tämä lausunto on käynyt toteen Filippiineillä Manilassa, jossa roskat ovat palanneet mantereelle myrskyn vuoksi roska-aaltoina.

Roska-aallot pitävät sisällään jätettä laidasta laitaan aina muovista styroksiin, kirjoittaa LAD Bible [lähde].

Surullisen näköisen videon kuvasi Matthew Doming, joka jakoi sen myös Facebookissa. Kyseinen video on kerännyt katseluita yli miljoona näyttökertaa.

Roska-aaltojen lisäksi myös suuri osa Manilasta on täyttynyt roskasta myrskyn aiheuttamien tulvien aiheuttamana.

Waste Fighters in Manila Bay!💪

A reminder for everyone: Kindly take time to read for further understanding. Thanks.

The cleanup event sponsored by a Philippine Company was originally postponed due to bad weather but we decided to stay and do what we can contribute together with DPWH. We're aware that we can't clean the entire Manila Bay in just one day and it may take years of countless effort. This also applies with other Clean-up activities nationwide. Not everything happens in an instant. It takes time, dedication, and commitment to accomplish a goal as big as this (to clean the Manila Bay). But because of what transpired earlier, we had a realization that we would like to share with the community. Through this activity we realized that to help solve this issue, we must first reduce our consumption of plastic and other waste. Most of the trash that we've gathered were slippers, styrofoam, single-use plastics such as straws, sachets and plastic bags.

So what's the connection? If we really want change, if we don't want something to keep on happening over and over again, to stop a cycle, something must break it. With that said, change must begin with you, us, the citizens. It must begin with our actions and with what we do.

We may be young, but no one is too young or too old to make a difference. We aim to give hope. We aspire to spread a message that we, the youth, are ready to take action for the betterment of our country. Problems like this, keeps on happening and that's why we're here. We can still fix it. There's still time. There are hundreds and thousands of global issues and the next generation might face it as well. But they don't have to deal with what we're going to leave behind if we have the capability to provide the solution.

We may not have cleaned the entire area but we hope that our experience will serve as an eye-opener to all and hopefully raise more awareness on how our actions can greatly affect the planet. We believe that every small action can cause a big ripple effect.

-President, Bedan Environmental Philosophers Organization (BEPO)


Go BEPO! 💪

Karunungang Buhay sa Salita at Gawa!

#BEPO #WeFightWaste

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