10:10 - 05.08.2020 / pelit / Findance
Xbox One -peliuutuudet viikko 32 / 2020 - mm. Fast & Furious Crossroads

Xbox One -peliuutuudet tällä viikolla:

4.8. Wizards: Wand of Epicosity

When the Wizard of Darkness awakened, it was up to one man to defeat him. When that man was accidentally killed by one idiot, Tobuscus (or "person of extremely low intelligence" - gently put), the responsibility of becoming an AWESOME WIZARD fell onto him... by default!

4.8. Spitlings

Spitlings on kaoottinen arcade-peli 1-4 pelaajalle. Pelissä tehtävänäsi on ohjata Spitlingiä: viehättävää laatikkomaista olentoa, joka sylkee kuplia tai hyppii niiden avulla! Tavoitteesi on yksinkertainen, mutta vaikea saavuttaa: Sinun on tuhottava kaikki ympärilläsi pomppivat kuplat!

4.8. Skully

Mystisellä saarella, kallo huuhtoutuu rannalle ja herää henkiin salaperäisen jumaluuden toimesta. Nimenään Skully, henkiin herännyt olento on kutsuttu väliintuloon sodassa jumaluuden kolmen sisaruksen välillä, joiden riitely vaarantaa saaren, jota he kutsuvat kodikseen.

4.8. Relicta

Relicta on ensimmäisen persoonan fysiikkapohjainen ongelmanratkaisupeli, jossa sinun on yhdisteltävä luovasti magnetismia ja painovoimaa selvittääksesi Chandra Basen salaisuudet. Olet yksin Kuun syvyyksissä, ja tieteellinen mielesi on ainoa asia, joka voi pitää tyttäresi elossa...

5.8. RogueCube

Pick your cube and blast your way to victory in RogueCube!

5.8. Steam Tactics

Welcome aboard your airship, captain! Steam Tactics is an RPG about steampunk airships with tactical turn-based combat. Take on a role of a captain of a squad of airship pilots, acquire and upgrade new ships and weapons, level up your crew.

5.8. Mystery Mine

Dangerous monsters and bosses, arcane magic and decisions on which many lives depend! Can the ordinary aborigine save the world?

5.8. The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare

Take part in history’s greatest battle of Green VS. Tan. Fight amongst and against others online. Jump, shoot and roll your way into victory with fast-paced objective-based gameplay. Sometimes the greatest battles are fought by the smallest of soldiers.

6.8. UnderMine

An action-adventure roguelike with a bit of RPG tossed in. Adventure deep into the UnderMine and discover powerful relics, deadly enemies, hidden secrets, and a few friends to help along the way.

6.8. Clan N

Fight alone or with your friends, master the art of battle and bring peace back to the land in this arcade inspired epic brawler!

6.8. Aery - Broken Memories

You are a little bird that flies smoothly through thoughts, fears, and memories of an unknown person. Experience the feeling of flying, immerse into beautiful and atmospheric landscapes, and enjoy the unique storytelling of the game while getting attached to the lovely main character.

6.8. It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is an action-oriented, survival RPG in a randomly generated world. Fight through the massive underground dungeon, customize your character with random items and find out what evil lurks below.

7.8. HardCube

A simple but gripping casual game to pass the time with lots of unusual settings, levels and worlds. Sleek graphics and dynamic gameplay accompanied by a fun OST and an online rating system.

In this fun and exciting game you won't just have to get to the finish line. You'll need to overcome a lot of obstacles while exploring this colorful world, going through one level after another.

7.8. WarriOrb

Demons, giants, mutants, and a talking Ball with hybrid limbs?! In WarriOrb you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body. The path ahead is not an easy one. Will you do whatever it takes to regain your freedom?

7.8. Swimsanity!

Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed Co-Op and Versus game modes, all supported by online and local play. You play as our hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world.

7.8. Fast & Furious Crossroads

Valmistaudu nopeaan, elokuvamaiseen ja keskeytymättömään toimintaan Fast & Furious -saagan seuraavassa luvussa, jossa metsästät kansainvälistä rikollisliigaa ja vedät sen käsijarrusta. Fast & Furious Crossroadsin adrenaliinia pursuvat temput, keikat, vekottimet, eksoottiset paikat, autot ja elokuvasankarit vievät sinut toiminnan keskelle.