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07:10 - 03.05.2019 / elokuvat / Findance
Star Wars -leffojen Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, on kuollut

Brittinäyttelijä Peter Mayhew on kuollut 74-vuotiaana, kertoo Deadline [lähde].

Peräti 2,21 metriä pitkä Mayhew muistetaan erityisesti Star Wars -elokuvien Chewbacca-roolistaan.

Viimeistä kertaa hän esiintyi Chewbaccana leffassa Star Wars: The Force Awakens, jonka jälkeen roolin nappasi itselleen suomalainen Joonas Suotamo.

Näin Suotamo muistelee Mayhew'ia:

Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.

Devastated to hear about the passing of a dear friend and mentor, the great Peter Mayhew. Peter's warm welcome when I came aboard as his double in The Force Awakens meant so much to me. Studying the character he helped create was always a daunting task, but one that was made easier by his tutelage and kindness as we sought to bring Chewbacca to life for a new generation. He was an absolutely one-of-kind gentleman and a legend of unrivaled class and I will miss him. As the entire Star Wars universe grieves over this terrible loss my thoughts and prayers are with his wife Angie and his family and all of the fans whose lives he has impacted. Rest assured his legacy will live on and the spirit that he gave the character when he first donned the suit will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace My Friend. . . . #RipPeterMayhew

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